Careers Training Centre strives to achieve environmental and social sustainability. As a company within the CaPTA Group, Careers Training Centre operate in and adjacent to World Heritage listed areas of Far North Queensland including the Daintree National Park, Wooroonooran National Park and Tully Gorge National Park.

The group is committed to protecting and preserving the areas in which it operates to ensure not only its own viability but also the viability of the communities which benefit directly from tourism generated by these areas, and with respect to heritage values and the culture of Traditional Owner groups.

CaPTA and Careers Training Centre are also committed to sustainability and has introduced many of its own initiatives to minimize its impact on the environment.  These initiatives include natural resource management activities, waste reduction programs and education.

This commitment is further illustrated through participation in Ecotourism with a number of its operations holding Eco Certification.  CaPTA periodically reviews and re-evaluates its environmental and sustainability initiatives as new information and technology becomes available.

CaPTA complies with all relevant legislation and regulations and strives to achieve international best practice in the Wet Tropics area of Far North Queensland.

Managers have the responsibility of ensuring ongoing environmental performance, identification of environmental risks, recording and monitoring of impacts and implementing environmental and social sustainability measures.  Special consideration will be given to the employing and empowering local staff and wherever efficient and environmentally sustainable, products and services will be sourced locally.

Staff are encouraged to present CaPTA’s commitment to environment and social sustainability and our status under the Eco Certification Program to our guests, suppliers, contractors, agents and wholesalers.

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