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Responsible Service of Alcohol Resources

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) Learning Modules 

Minors and the responsible service of alcohol

Sonny and his girlfriend Tana star in our learning module about ‘Minors on Licensed Premises’. Sonny, who isn’t the most responsible guy and Tana, who is actually underage, reminds us why she is considered a minor and why Sonny isn’t a responsible adult.

The Nice Family from ‘Nice’ in France also take some time out from their social schedule to touch on exempt minors in licensed premises, what penalties are in place for allowing under-age drinking and minors on premises and give us some tips on how to detect a minor on a licensed premises.

Checking ID and the responsible service of alcohol

Our good looking mixologist (or bartender) Brad in our learning module on ‘Checking Identification’ serves up a few tips on how to check ID and what to look out for. He also reminds us what is considered appropriate ID and how to confiscate a fake one.

Unduly intoxicated patrons and the responsible service of alcohol

Brandon, our tired and emotional hipster reminds us that being ‘unduly intoxicated’ can come in many different forms.

While on this occasion he has been asked to ‘call it a night’ he quickly reminds us on the different signs of intoxication, what could happen if you decided to keep serving him and how to prevent him from getting a tad messy in the first place.

Disorderly conduct and the responsible service of alcohol

Davo reminds us why after a few stubbies his sleazy moves with the ladies are not acceptable. While sadly it took a pretty lady to cop a beer in the face Davo reminds us why his behaviour is disorderly, how to manage disorderly patrons and the penalties for serving him anymore.

Promotions and practices for responsible service of alcohol

“Shots, shots, shots, everybody shots,” said Terry, our ex-footy star turned club promoter.

Not today Terry.

Terry is a bit of a tool and doesn’t care much for anyone’s safety. His antics teach us about what are considered unacceptable and acceptable practices and promotions and control of certain advertising.

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