The Interview

Now that you have applied for a job, you will hopefully be called in for an interview. This step will outline the interview process, body language and how to dress to impress.

During the Interview

  • Turn your mobile phone off
  • Be aware of your body language and eye contact
  • Do some research before your interview on the Company
  • Ask questions
  • Be alert and attentive

The main thing employers want is for you to be yourself! Be honest and genuine and it will impress your potential employer.

Body Language

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication and is the most noticed form. During an interview you should open your shoulders, keep your head up and don’t fidget or fiddle. By opening your body up you are communicating a professional and open attitude.

Dress to Impress

Ensure that you are dressed according to the role you are applying for. For Example, business-casual wear would be suitable when applying for a job as a chef at a restaurant.

What does the Employer want to know?

During your interview, your potential employer wants to know these things:

  1. Do you possess the skills, knowledge and qualities to perform the job?
  2. How well will you fit into their work environment?
  3. Are you motivated and hard working?
  4. Do you have potential for growth and development within the company?
  5. Do you have a positive and can do attitude?
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