Tourism Forms for Eligibility and Enrolment

To enrol in a Tourism course with Careers Training Centre, please follow the steps below. You will need to download the relevant forms, fill them out and email to Careers Training Centre:


1. Eligibility Form

The first step of the enrolment process is to determine if you are eligible for government funding. To do so, please download the relevant funding form and complete it. If you are unsure as to which funding applies to you, please visit the funding page.

Eligibility Form Certificate 3 Guarantee

Eligibility Form Higher Level Skills

2. Enrolment Form

If you are enrolling in a course where you  pay all of the fees, please download the Fee For Service form.

Enrolment form Fee for Service

If you are enrolling in a Short Course, please download the Short Course form.

Enrolment form – Short Course

If you are eligible for funding, please download the User Choice, Certificate 3 Guarantee, or Higher Level Skills form. Please note that only eligible persons may enrol in these course types.

Enrolment form - Certificate 3 Guarantee

Enrolment form – Higher Level Skills

Enrolment form – User Choice

3. Payment Plan Agreement

Once you have completed the enrollment form, you are required to download and complete the payment plan agreement below:

Payment Plan Agreement

4. Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment Tool and USI

This assessment tool is important in giving us knowledge about where you are at in your learning development and help determine ways to tailor learning styles to suit your requirements. Please complete the LLN form at the link below:

LLN Student Guide

Upon enrolment into a course, students will need to create a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to gain access to online account which contains training records and results often needed for employment. Below is information about how to create a USI:

USI Information for Students

All students are required to complete the Privacy Notice and Student Declaration.  The Privacy Notice and Student Declaration is a statement acknowledged by a student to indicate awareness that personal information collected from the student may be used together with training activity inforamtion.  The privacy statement lists the ways information about the student is held, used, disclosed and managed.  Specific questions may be directed to the Skilling Australia information line on 13 38 73  or via email at

Privacy Notice and Student Declaration

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